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B L E S S I N G W A Y  C E R E M O N I E S

A Blessingway Ceremony is a Native American ‘Navajo’ tradition that brings women together to support, empower and celebrate a mama-to-be in the days or weeks leading up to birth.  It differs from a traditional baby shower as the focus is on the pregnant woman and giving her strength, love and encouragement, rather than being focused on the baby and giving gifts.

A Blessingway is a deeply nurturing ceremony to honour and love the mother and bless the way ahead for her.  The most trusted and cherished women in her life gather together to offer their prayers and kind words for a smooth journey ahead.  


The ceremony can be tailored to the mother’s wishes but usually includes:

  • An opening meditation to create a grounded, safe-held space

  • Hand, foot & shoulder massage given by the women with essential oils

  • Belly painting

  • Creating a hanging baby mobile with beads, crystals or charms brought by the women and blessed with intentions for the mother and baby  

  • Readings and poetry to inspire the mother

  • Sharing empowering birth and motherhood stories 

  • Nourishing food prepared by the women to share


I offer this ceremony in the comfort of your home or chosen space.  Please email me for more details (the price may vary depending on location, time and what you might require).

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