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B I R T H  P R E P A R A T I O N  P A C K A G E

(one-to-one Antenatal Session)

Birth is a mysterious and wild ride, and there are things that cannot be controlled.  However, preparing mentally and physically can certainly help.  As a Childbirth Educator, my role is to ensure you have all the information  and support you need throughout this sacred journey of pregnancy and birth.  I will guide you through the maze of options and choices out there so that you can make the decisions that are right for YOU.  I will listen to you in an unbiased way and support whatever choices you make.  My wish is for  you to have a clear understanding of the birth process so that you can feel empowered and less fearful of the journey.  The more informed you are about knowing your options, your rights, optimal birthing conditions, and making clear plans for every eventuality, the more likely you will have the birth you want.

The purpose of my birth preparation sessions is to prepare mothers to give birth-in-awareness, not to achieve specific birth outcomes.  My 3 hour Antenatal Session (in the comfort of your own home) will cover the following – but can also be tailored to specific needs:


  • Answering any questions or concerns you may have about pregnancy

  • Holding space for you as you address any fears you and your birth partner may have around pregnancy

  • Yoga positions, herbal tea remedies and essential oil advice to aid any pregnancy discomforts

L A B O U R  &  B I R T H

  • The physiology of birth

  • The stages of labour

  • How to work with the perfectly designed hormonal process

  • How to befriend fear & strong sensations

  • 4 tools to use - breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, sound & the power of the mind

  • Counter-pressure techniques 

  • How your birth partner can best support you in labour, both emotionally and practically

  • Options for pain relief

  • Helpful positions for labour and the principles of active birth

  • "Gentle cesareans"

  • Support in creating your Birth Preferences document

  • The mind/body connection and preparing psychologically for birth

P O S T P A R T U M  &  B R E A S T F E E D I N G 

  • Self-care tools to support you post-birth (herbal remedies, nourishing foods etc)

  • The ins and outs of breastfeeding

My Birth Preparation Package is charged at a flat rate.  Please contact me for details

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