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C L O S I N G  T H E  B O N E S 

A healing and nurturing ritual for the postpartum period

This is a sacred South American technique which helps a woman come back to herself physically, emotionally and spiritually after she has given birth.

The technique includes rocking the pelvis with a rebozo shawl to release tension and realign, abdominal and hip massage to stimulate blood flow and hormones, to move fluids and tone muscles.  And finally, using the rebozo again to close the pelvis which opens so much during pregnancy and birth, therefore leaking energy too.

The mother is given a much needed opportunity to feel nurtured and held in a safe space where she can thank her body for all the wonderful work it has done, and release any unresolved emotions and trauma - whether 4 days or 15 years post birth!  This is also a beautiful ceremony to heal and honour a woman's journey post baby loss/termination/womb trauma.

I'm so grateful to my teacher, Sophie Messenger, for sharing her wisdom and knowledge passed on from the Ecuadorian midwife and shaman, Dr Rocio Alarcon.


T E S T I M O N I A L 

"Emily practiced this beautfiul ritual on me a few weeks after I gave birth to my daughter, Rudi.  My birth took an unexpected course and I was left feeling anxious and displaced.  The Closing of the Bones was incredibly grounding and helped me to come to terms with mine and Rudi's story and to honour myself as a new mother.  I could feel my energy and life force being returned to my body"

          - Julianna Bryne, London

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