W E E K L Y   L I V E S T R E A M   Y O G A  C L A S S E S

"Emily's wonderful yoga classes, and Emily's exquisitely curated music playlists that accompany them, have been a Godsend.  They are an unshakeable date in the lockdown diary.  An hour and a half of deep and satisfying yoga, connecting with fellow yogis from all round the world, led from Emily's beautiful London home with wisdom, depth and clarity.  Close the door, fire up the Zoom and enter a world of peace and healing. Emily's yoga is an essential escape from today's lockdown world."  Marion Milne, Documentary Film Maker

"There’s been such a saturation of online offerings and it’s taken some discernment to work out what is actually valuable and supportive. Emily’s classes have been like sanctuaries, beautiful heartfelt spaces that emanate a sense of calm and the possibility of touching into the quieter, nourishing realms that are under the surface. They’ve truly felt like ports in the storm.  I’m so grateful! "  Julia Gelpke, singer & songwriter


E V E R Y   T U E S D A Y 

1 - 2pm                  Pregnancy yoga

7.30-8.45pm          Evening wind-down yoga