Due to the current situation I have temporarily moved my offerings online so that I can continue to support you, but now in the comfort and safety of your own home.   I'm super excited that we can come together in this way and I hope that you'll be able to join me.

I'm starting off with just one class a week while we find our rhythm at home with homeschooling and energetic boys running around the house.  In time I may add more classes.

E V E R Y  T U E S D A Y   |   7 . 3 0  -  8 . 4 5 p m  B S T  |  £ 1 0 

U N R A V E L   |   R E L E A S E   |   R E - C E N T R E 

Expect slow, mindful movement; some grounding, longer held Yin poses, breath and body awareness techniques and meditation (open to all levels) 

** N E W  ** 

W E E K L Y  O N L I N E  L I V E  S T R E A M E D  Y O G A  C L A S S E S

If you cannot join at this time, I can send you a recording of the class which will be active for 24 hours - so do still register  (and donate!) and take the class at a time that suits you

T O  J O I N


This class is held online via the ZOOM platform.  If you're new to Zoom please sign up for free on your phone or laptop well ahead of the class.


To join please click into the REGISTER link.  Once registered you'll receive an automatic email from me with the Zoom link which you'll need to access the 'meeting'.  Please make sure you login to the class 10 minutes before it starts so we can all be set up and ready to start promptly.   You'll be sent to the 'waiting room' and I'll then welcome you all into your virtual yoga class!  


All you'll need is a yoga mat, a blanket/towel and a yoga strap of some sort (a dressing gown cord or tie will do)

I'm asking for a £10 payment via Paypal or bank transfer.  If you're struggling financially due to the current situation please just transfer what you can - I would still love for you to join.  NHS and other key workers can join for free.

K I N D  W O R D S


"Emily's wonderful yoga classes, and Emily's exquisitely curated music playlists that accompany them, have been a Godsend.  They are an unshakeable date in the lockdown diary.  An hour and a half of deep and satisfying yoga, connecting with fellow yogis from all round the world, led from Emily's beautiful London home with wisdom, depth and clarity.  Close the door, fire up the Zoom and enter a world of peace and healing. Emily's yoga is an essential escape from today's lockdown world."  MARION MILNE, DOCUMENTARY FILM MAKER

"There’s been such a saturation of online offerings and it’s taken some discernment to work out what is actually valuable and supportive. Emily’s classes have been like sanctuaries, beautiful heartfelt spaces that emanate a sense of calm and the possibility of touching into the quieter, nourishing realms that are under the surface. They’ve truly felt like ports in the storm.  I’m so grateful! "  JULIA, MUSICIAN