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"Everyone wants to hold the baby but who holds the Mama?"

P O S T N A T A L  D O U L A  S E R V I C E S

Similar to supporting birth clients, as a postnatal doula I am there to provide emotional, practical and informational support.  Whilst maternity nurses focus more on the baby, my role is to ‘mother the mother’ and empower you to develop your own mothering skills in a relaxed way, and to follow your instinct.


I will listen to you without judging or telling you what to do. I will be a quiet presence in your home and respect your privacy during this sacred family time.  My role is to support you with the day to day running of your household so that you can have ultimate bonding time with your baby.


As a mama myself, I feel confident in offering the following support:


  • Breastfeeding support

  • Mother-baby bonding

  • Baby soothing techniques

  • Basic newborn care

  • Running errands

  • Basic household care

  • Preparing meals


I can offer this support in the days and weeks following the birth of your baby and charge an hourly rate (minimum 3 hours).  Please contact me for more details

"Every mother faces the daunting task of nourishing herself without depriving her children and of  nourishing her children without depriving herself.  Just as the foetus cannot get a nutrient the mother does not consume, so an infant cannot receive emotional nutrition that the caregiver does not receive.  To be able to feed your baby the emotional calories of love, you must consume 'nutritious' love yourself"

(Kathryn Black, Mothering without a Map)

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