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P R E G N A N C Y   Y O G A

Yoga is a wonderful support to help you sail through a healthy pregnancy, prepare you to birth with awareness and strengthen you for life's next chapter: motherhood. Practicing yoga during pregnancy encourages a sense of space, relaxation and confidence throughout this special time and helps develop a strong bond between you the little resident in your tummy.


My classes include safe breathing techniques to assist during labour, poses to help alleviate minor ailments often experienced during pregnancy, yoga nidra (guided relaxation), meditation and visualization techniques.

Please contact me for more information on one-to-one or small private group pregnancy yoga classes in the comfort of your own home (in London).

"Emily's classes were absolutely the best thing I did to prepare for my son's birth. Her down to earth but totally supportive approach gave me the knowledge, strength and coping strategies I needed for his birth"

          - Lucinda (Fashion stylist) came to Emily's pregnancy yoga classes

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