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T E S T I M O N I A L S 


"Emily is an incredibly gifted teacher, without doubt the best I have come across in fifteen years of practicing yoga.  She is inspirational, compassionate and nurturing.  Her unique classes are both a physical and spiritual awakening – each one a truly rewarding and wonderful experience"

          - Cleone (Associate Producer, Trademark Films) comes to Emily's weekly drop-in classes



"I have had many yoga teachers in many places of the world and Emily is second to none. It is not just her technical ability but also her desire to truly find out what your starting point and needs are that set her apart. She then approaches her sessions with appropriately placed wisdom and enthusiasm and just the right amount of "push" that takes your practice to a new level. No session is the same and I never feel in a routine with Emily"

          - Deborah (Consultant) has private classes at home following an injury



"Emily has an inexhaustible fountain of good energy, shared unconditionally"

          - Chiara (Entrepreneur) shares private yoga classes with 3 friends


"Emily is extremely committed and she knows yoga and meditation more than anyone else. She gradually builds up strength and after a few weeks you have already advanced to the next level! She tailors the sessions after the mood and state of mind. It has been a huge success and we are now upping it from 1 session to 2 private sessions per week"

          - Carro (Industry Manager, Google), has private classes with her husband at home



"It’s hard to put my finger on it, but I feel like a lighter, more relaxed & balanced version of myself after a class with Emily!" 

          - Emily (Headhunter, Spencer Stuart) has weekly yoga classes in her office with colleagues



"I started working with Emily following a diagnosis of an illness that prohibited exercise in the traditional sense.  From my first conversation with her I felt very confident in her understanding approach and manner.  She has a very thorough knowledge of the body and how it can truly benefit and heal itself through yoga and meditation.  I enjoy our sessions enormously and this is down to Emily's wonderfully charming, gentle manner and her ability to apply this to my individual needs"

          - Camilla has private meditation and Yin yoga classes

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